Marverine talks about working as a Newsreader with Sky News, ITV and the BBC while giving her top tips for wannabe TV presenters.

Opportunities rarely fall into your lap. I got to where I am today by harassing people to teach me things or by asking them how I can help them.

Learn shorthand as soon as you can, because it's so much easier than going through a dictaphone and transcribing your waffle. Work experience is the most important thing, though. You need to do as much as you possibly can.
Sarah-Lee has been working freelance in TV since 2010 on productions such as the Jeremy Kyle Show, Embarrassing Bodies and Geordie Shore.
Get as much practical experience as possible. Volunteer. Make your own projects. Sell yourself. In my day I had to blag free production equipment - these days your phone is a mini production studio. There's no excuse not to create content.

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