It's not what you know. It's not even who you know. It's about what you create.
Looking back, I might simply have broadened my search when looking for opportunities and asked more people for advice.
A paper CV and cover letter only gets you so far – having all of what you have done be easily accessible online is a great way to back those words up.

Opportunities rarely fall into your lap. I got to where I am today by harassing people to teach me things or by asking them how I can help them.
I want to know about the life experiences you've had whilst studying - I'm going to be working alongside the person, not the qualification.

Get as much practical experience as possible. Volunteer. Make your own projects. Sell yourself. In my day I had to blag free production equipment - these days your phone is a mini production studio. There's no excuse not to create content.

If you are working "in the media" and would like to do a Q&A about your career (to be published in our new People section) then please get in touch.


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Billy's Leukaemia Blog - Last Updated 22/08/16