50 Nifty Websites for Teaching Yourself Lots of Media Skills

Mediargh's fifty favourite websites for teaching yourself all about lovely media stuff.
General Multimedia

1. mediacollege.com - Practical tutorials covering everything from video production to web design.

2. creativeskillset.org - Great starting place for finding out about different media career types.

3. tv.adobe.com - Video tutorials which compliment Adobe software products.

4. tubetorial.com - General video tutorials covering a range of media disciplines.

5. lynda.com - Training videos for multimedia and business software (monthly subscription).


Internet, Blogging and Social Media

6. gcflearnfree.org - In-depth, very attractive tutorials for IT, online and social media novices.

7. simplyzesty.com - Blog posts encouraging you to grow your online presence. Frank and honest.

8. problogger.net - Tips and tutorials for both aspiring and experienced bloggers.

9. twitip.com - Tutorials focusing specifically on Twitter.

10. wordpress.tv  Extensive number of WordPress video tutorials.

11. socialbrite.org - Practical social media tips.

12. marketingprofs.com - Social media tips and video seminars (some premium).

13. socialmediaexaminer.com - Blogs/tutorials on utilising social media to create brand awareness.


Journalism & Copywriting

14. newmediatoolkit.org - For journalists and online people. Tutorials either 'basic' or 'advanced.'

15. BBC News Styleguide - Online styleguide from the BBC (downloadable .PDF).

16. multimedia.journalism.berkeley.edu - Aiding journalists in a rapidly changing media landscape.

17. coveringcommunities.org - .PDF guides and insights for community and hyperlocal journalists.

18. ire.org - Investigative reporting tips, and (primarily US-centric) journalism starter packs.

19. www.copyblogger.com - Scroll down for copywriting tutorials.

20. j-learning.org - Extensive tutorials on setting up your own online journalism website.


Marketing & PR

21. marketingchap.com - Amusing, informative social media marketing blog.

22. knowthis.com - Long running marketing and PR blog with tutorials.

23. marketing.about.com - Public Relations tutorials.

24. Free PR Advice & Tips - Advice for existing brands and aspiring PR pros alike. 


Film, TV & Video

25. BBC College of Production - In-depth advice centred around screen industry careers.

26. creativecow.net - Support for digital video, video editing, and media production pros.

27. raindance.co.uk - Practical articles on filmmaking, film marketing, script writing etc.

28. kenstone.net - Lots of nicely categorised Final Cut Pro tutorials.

29. theblackandblue.com - Practical tips for camera crew working in film.

30. wanttoworkintelevision.com - Advice and insight with regards to working in television.

31. videocopilot.net - Motion graphics video tutorials.

32. vimeo.com/videoschool/lessons - Filmmaking video tutorials created by the Vimeo staff.

33. videohelp.com - DVD, codecs and file format help.


Web Development, Programming & Coding

34. bestechvideos.com - Amalgamation of tech videos, video conferences and webinars.

35. w3schools.com - Educate yourself with the world's largest web development resource.

36. showmedo.com - Huge range of web/app programming and development video tutorials.

37. net.tutsplus.com - Web development tutorials and resources.


Photography & Graphic Design

38. abduzeedo.com - Design blog with plentiful quality Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials.

39. camerasim.com/camera-simulator - Interactive, quick and cheerful SLR camera simulator.

40. www.motionworks.com.au - Motion graphics tutorials.

41. cbtcafe.com - Video training for multimedia and graphic design

42. www.ideabook.com - Tutorials about graphic design, web design etc.

43. psd.tutsplus.com - Photoshop tutorials.

44. allgraphicdesign.com - Wide range of graphic design tutorials.


Media Theory, Media Law & Misc

45. theory.org.uk - Tips and resources for media theory students.

46. tes.co.uk - media studies lesson plans, worksheets, revision notes and more.

47. bbc.co.uk/foi - Detailing the Freedom of Information Act.

48. meejalaw.com - Media law and ethics resource (UK-based).

49. learningppt.com - Very, very detailed Powerpoint tutorial site.

50. audio.tutsplus.com - Tutorials for aspiring audio geeks.

Last updated 22nd June 2013